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hazirendHouse rules – general rules of conduct

1. Everyone is welcome to visit our exhibitions and programmes at their own risk.

2. By entering, visitors agree to abide by the present House Rules and the specific rules set out occasionally for certain programmes, and acknowledge that they are obliged to follow and comply with the instructions, potential restrictions, and warnings communicated by the staff and security services of the Institution.

3. No live animals (except assistance or guide dogs trained to assist a person with a disability), weapons or objects that may look like weapons, sharp stabbing or cutting tools, or other objects or materials dangerous to life, physical integrity, health or the installations, umbrellas, raincoats or large children’s toys are permitted in the exhibition areas.

4. Visitors under the influence of illegal intoxicants and visitors in poor attire are not permitted to enter the buildings or any outdoor events.

5. During the visit, it is forbidden to behave in a way that endangers the safety of the people in the building or the participants of the event (indoor or outdoor) or the property of the Institution, or in a way that is contrary to public order and morality.

6. To ensure the safety of the artefacts, installations, and visitors, the building has a security camera system in place in accordance with the Data Protection Act in force and our own privacy policy. By visiting the Institution or attending events, visitors to the event agree to allow Mindszentyneum or its contractors to record images, audio, and video of them, to archive them, to store them in its database and to use them for promotional purposes on any platform without any restrictions.

7. No littering! Waste may only be deposited in the waste containers provided.

8. Smoking is prohibited in the building, as well as the use of electronic cigarettes or electronic devices imitating smoking! It is forbidden to bring into and around the buildings any material hazardous to fire or explosion! In the event that the automatic fire alarm system is triggered due to a visitor’s behaviour in violation of the law or these house rules, the person who caused the fire or the triggering of the alarm system shall compensate Mindszentyneum for the costs and damage incurred.

9. In the event of an emergency (e.g. natural disaster, fire, bomb alert, etc.), visitors must follow the instructions given by the museum staff.

Consequences of breaching the house rules:
Mindszentyneum reserves the right to deny access to the exhibition and the institution to persons who do not comply with the house rules. In the case of a ticketed event, a person excluded from the event for non-compliance with the House Rules may not claim a refund of the ticket price.

The person violating the house rules or the person responsible for the person violating the house rules shall be liable for any damage resulting from the violation of the house rules. Where the breach of the house rules also constitutes a breach of the legal rules, the person violating the house rules or the person responsible for the person violating the house rules shall be held legally liable and shall be subject to any legal sanctions.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
We wish you a pleasant stay,
the Mindszentyneum team