Museum pedagogy - Mindszenty József Látogatóközpont - Zalaegerszeg

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Museum pedagogical activities for different age groups at the József Mindszenty Visitor Centre:




Session 1 – “May you also have a fruit garden!”


Let’s discover the most interesting parts of József Mindszenty’s childhood in a playful and interactive way together. During the session, young schoolchildren will be able to answer a variety of interesting questions: What was the father’s favourite fruit? What was his relationship with his mother like? Did he always want to be a priest? There are lots of questions that children can ask and they will also get the answers.


Recommended age: primary school, lower grades


Duration: 45 minutes


Location: museum education room




Session 2 – In the footsteps of Saint Ursula, medieval playhouse


Do you want your students to experience a lesson full of fun in a real medieval setting? If so, come and visit us! At the site of the excavation of the medieval brick kilns, they can


  • learn about the brick-making process in a playful way,
  • build with the mini bricks as they like,
  • search for medieval treasures,
  • use a magnifying glass to look at a pilgrim badge of Saint Ursula,
  • see how the legend of St. Ursula is brought to life in a comic book made for them,
  • put themselves in the “shoes” of medieval monks: they can draw and copy ornate initials.


Recommended age: primary school, lower and upper grades


Duration: 45 minutes


Location: exhibition hall on the -1st floor “From brick to church” – a selection of medieval monuments of Zala County




Session 3 – “Become a superhero yourself!”


With the help of a map, the students will get to know József Mindszenty the former parish priest of Zalaegerszeg, who was considered to be a real hero in the last century for his devoted deeds.


As they explore the exhibition, they are on a mission: they search for objects related to him, solve a puzzle and in the process become heroes themselves.


Recommended age: primary school, upper grades


Duration: 45 minutes


Location: exhibition space on the 1st floor, “I brought love here, too” – exhibition on the life of Cardinal József Mindszenty, Prince Primate, Archbishop of Esztergom




Session 4 – Be prepared! (It’s good to be a scout!)


We welcome groups and classes regardless of the season, in a natural space full of birdsong. Through creative activities, they can learn about the Scouts’ camping habits and their approach to life.


They will discover the parts and accessories of a Scout uniform. Audio recordings and narration will evoke the fun atmosphere of Indian camps.


Recommended age: primary school, upper grades


Duration: 45 minutes


Location: 2nd floor exhibition hall, “The Persecution of the Church under Communist Dictatorship” – Interactive exhibition, ecumenical church history between 1945 and 1990


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