-1ST FLOOR - Mindszenty József Látogatóközpont - Zalaegerszeg

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From brick to church – A selection of medieval monuments in Zala County

The main aim and message of the exhibition is to present the kilns preserving the memories of medieval brick burning, which were found during the archaeological excavations preceding the construction of the Mindszentyneum and which may have played an important role in the building history of Zalaegerszeg. The former Egerszeg castle, traces of which were also found by the archaeologists excavating here, somehow also played a role in the fate of the brick kilns visible at the site where they were actually found. An animated film, based on the findings of these objects of local historical significance, helps visitors to see the “future built on the past”. The golden age of the brick kilns in the exhibition can be linked to the constructions of the 14th and 15th centuries, while the palisade of the former Eger Castle, built in the Turkish period, also contributed to their oblivion when its bail and the moat cut through one of the kilns.

The exhibition also tells the story of other treasures, buildings, and exciting sites found in Zala County, mainly of religious relevance, which give visitors a glimpse into the world of the Middle Ages. The presentation of the monuments of monastic and chivalric orders in the county draws heavily on the results of archaeological research conducted in recent years, and aims to keep this timeliness by adding the latest findings to the material on display.

The exhibition aims to appeal to all ages, encouraging interactivity through the use of modern technology and tactile and scrollable elements in addition to traditional presentation methods.