I. floor - Mindszenty József Látogatóközpont - Zalaegerszeg

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Exhibition on the life of Cardinal József Mindszenty, Prince Primate, Archbishop of Esztergom



The main aim and message of the exhibition is to portray the person of József Mindszenty, one of the most influential and iconic figures of 20th century Hungarian history and church history, whose sacrifice has been assessed in a variety of ways depending on the political context of the past decades. In the exhibition, we want to nuance this Mindszenty canon, which was more unsophisticated and abstract before and around the regime change. In addition to the multifaceted presentation of the historical role of the high priest, we also focus on the presentation of the MAN. Mindszenty is not just a representative of the last century – he can also speak to younger generations.


The life of József Mindszenty and his veneration are presented to visitors with the most modern and unique installation equipment and technical background. The exhibition is less object-oriented, it is rather experience-oriented; its aim is to provide visitors with the appropriate depth of information and to encourage further individual research and reading, regardless of age and education. As the exhibition is designed to appeal to several generations, some with partly different levels of sophistication and knowledge, the multimedia contents are adapted accordingly: they include both a younger, more dynamic body of knowledge and more in-depth, richly based units of information, including possible problem posing.